A little bit about me

Raven Tibbs better known as RavyMonaee recognized music’s impact at a very young age. At only ten years of age RavyMonaee began playing the clarinet in her elementary school band. Enthused without any formal training she began playing the piano playing for hours at a time. Performing the clarinet in concert band had a very strong impact throughout her life. She began making original compositions on a Korg Karma and Fl Studio, which led to a life in pursuit of becoming a music producer.

RavyMonaee begin recording neighborhood rappers in her at home studio, using Logic Pro 8, throughout high school and she realized this is what she wants to do for life. She realized she loved the string family and began playing classical upright bass throughout her twelfth grade year continuing into college. Upon entering into college RavyMonaee was introduced to jazz and big band music. RavyMonaee incorporates her vast knowledge of music and music theory into her compositions and she continues to produce and record music, while exploring videography as well.

Background includes over 10 years of experience performing as a musician. Over 6 years of experience producing music, mixing and master audio sound tracks and 2 years experience with artist development.